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The Birick team.

BiRick EcoEvents


There is another way to animate, amuse and show your brand while respecting our environment and we have developed our EcoEvents to proof that.

Some of our creations at a glance



Shopping eguna

Boosting the old town

Spring came and we joined the Old Town’s Trade Association to launch the local commerce.

With the best animation

In close cooperation with Gaitzerdi teatro’s people, we started up a performance which took us all over the 7 Streets.


Approaching customers

Ingredients for a superb promotion
 One BiRick.
 Two hostesses.
 A huge desire to have fun.
Connecting business with people

We take your brand out to the street, so, if your customer doesn’t go to you, we’ll approach you both.

Our funny vehicles almost have infinite possibilities.

The social BiRick

When the reward isn't material

This great idea, seen in Denmark, reach our heart since the begining

Small actions with high impact.

Several trips in several days which took us along Abandoibarra to some delicious hamaiketakos at the Old Town.


BiRick Disko Show

Now, the image comes with sound

With this Txita’s original idea we go one step further in promotional events: we put sound to your image.

Mixing among people

Because our vehicles blend into the crowd to give more projection to your brand.

If you already have an idea in mind, call us and we will perform it together!
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