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Welcome to BiRick EcoFun. We bring you closer the city, you won’t miss every single detail. The ecological and sustainable tourism has come.

Be Local

We, all the BiRick team, feel and love Bilbao and share with passion that experience. You’ll see the city from our eyes.

Features 2017

Wow, this new season comes full of content

New features 2017

First of all

Electric Powered Bikes
All of our tricycles have electric support which let us go up smooth slopes easily.

No, you won’t feel so bad for us!
Personal interaction
The key of our tours, as passengers say, is the interaction with the drivers, because that let them immerse in the city and among its citizens.
OnBoard guide
After testing the beta last year, we have ready for this season the 1.0 version of the on board guide which improves the experience in our tours.
Built-in App
We have designed a fantastic internal app which: works as a taximeter, can send you a ticket or let us know the emissions saved to the planet.

Getting started

Great! now you’re already located, it’s time to see the details and choose a tour.
Where to start
As you already know (and if not, we right here to tell you), in Bilbao there are four places that you can’t miss if you want to feel the city, those are:
  • Museo Guggenheim
  • Azkuna Zentroa
  • San Mamés
  • Old town
Most of our visitors come engaged by its charming curves which make it be the Bilbao’s jewel. Here we have the starting point for all of our tours and where you can find us during the regular season.

Tours passing through here:
Old Town Modern Town Discover Bilbao
Azkuna Zentroa is an small treasure hidden in Bilbao. Known for a long time as Alhóndiga, today takes the name of the last mayor in the city (Iñaki Azkuna) who transformed this abandoned place into a cultural centre for all of us, the citizens.

Tours passing through here:
Modern Town Discover Bilbao
Maybe the city icon in the last century. Athletic is to Bilbao like Argentina’s national to Argentinians: pure passion. In addition, for those who doesn’t care football at all, the stadium is very close to the Maritime Museum, where we’ll discover the history of Bilbao told from the motor in the city: the estuary.

Tours passing through here:
Modern Town Discover Bilbao
Probably the most searched point in Bilbao. The perfect place to combine the so-called Pintxos with a nice wine. Getting into its narrow streets is an experience by itself reserved both to pedestrians and BiRicks.

Tours passing through here:
Old Town Discover Bilbao

The tours one by one

  • Old town
  • Modern Town
  • Discover Bilbao
  • Custom
  • Express trips

Old Town is, with difference, our most requested tour, because it connects the two magnets in Bilbao: Guggenheim museum and the Old Town. This highly dynamic trip is going to take you into the history of the city swift and quickly.

Quick Data

Average lenght: 66 min.
Average Price: 31€.
Best hour: 12pm
More info:
Guggenheim Museum
Arriaga Theatre
The top ten activities by Tripadvisor
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We’ll start our journey right at Guggenheim museum, keept by Puppy. From there, we’ll go down to the riverside to find Bilbao’s motor: the estuary. As you’ll see, the history of the city is a bit epic: tells the fight between human and nature to take the ships right to the heart of the town, 14km (8.7 miles) away form the sea.
Once at riverside, and after the explanations relatives to the museum, we’ll ride up the course of the river heading the Old Town, along Uribitarte’s dock. At the end, we’ll see the City Hall on the left, and after that we’ll be at Ripa’s dock that leads to Arenal Bridge. Crossing the bridge and, leaving on the right Arriaga’s Theatre, we’ll get into the Old Town.
Getting into the charming streets os the Old Town is, without doubt, one of the musts in Bilbao. Along Bidebarrieta street (in basque, the new street), we’ll get closer to the oldest church in Bilbao: Saint James Cathedral. From there, and taking one of the first three streets in Bilbao, Dendarikale (in basque, the shop street), we’ll reach Ribera Market, the greatest market cover in Europe. Then, we’ll head to Plaza Nueva (new square), after crossing Unamuno square.
Sadly we’ll have to leave the Old Town intense streets to get into the Ensanche again. Gran Via, full of shops is the golden mile of Bilbao and in the middle we’ll find the Provincial Government Palace showing a famous oak in its shield. In Moyua square, we’ll turn right to Euskadi Square where we can delight with Artklass Building. Then, we’ll be back to the museum ending the tour.

Red tour BiRick

If you want to move away from the mainstreams, relax and discover those small treasures that Bilbao has to offer you, our green tour is your choice.

Quick data

Average lenght: 75 min.
Average price: 35€.
Best hour: 17pm
More info:
Azkuna Zentroa
San Mamés
Maritime Museum
Euskalduna Conference Centre
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Our green tour focuses on the so called Ensanche de Bilbao. As in many towns along Europe, Bilbao wasn’t very big during the most part of it’s history. It was over the XVIII century final stint when Bilbao jumped over the river and occupied the terrains of Anteiglesia de Abando. This enlargement is known as El Ensanche de Bilbao.
We’ll depart from Guggenheim heading Moyua with the Peñascal quarries in the background. Down the street we’ll discover several important buildings like Chavarri Palace or the Commerce Chamber, which will lead us quickly to the first starred point in the tour: Azkuna Zentroa

It will be the meeting point of Culture in Bilbao and a catalyst of co-existence in the City
Iñaki Azkuna

Built in early XX century, La Alhóndiga, tradicional name of this place, was designed to gather all the business related to wine and spirits in one single place. Practically unused since the 70’s, in 2010 opened as cultural and leisure centre showing its new and amazing design created by Philippe Starck. A few years after was renamed as Azkuna Zentroa as a tribute to the “emotional” architect of the building.

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After an brief inner visit to Azkuna Zentroa, we’ll depart up to the stadium. The so called, Cathedral of Football, San Mamés is a must see in Bilbao if you want to understand the city. From this spot, we are going to watch Bilbao’s future, located at Zorrozaurre island, and have a great sight reference of what means 14km of natural port.
Next to the stadium we can find La Real Casa de la Misericordia, which used to be an orphanage and keeps a nice story about the Athletic, a lion and a child called Mamés. From this point, we’ll go down to next featured stop: Euskalduna Conference Centre, located right over the old homonymous shipyards and the Maritime Museum, where we’ll see the old dry docks, the launching slope for the boats or the chains of the World’s First Producer: Vicinay. In front of us, Deusto quarter, Bilbao’s last attachment, will tell us an story of a girl who gives name to a singular crane.
From Maritime Museum, the recent Abandoibarra avenue will take us smoothly up to the museum giving us a fantastic spot view of Deusto University, its library or Iberdrola Tower.

Well, it's done.

Azkuna Zentroa

Green tour BiRick

Discover Bilbao takes you to all places in one single tour. It will give you a full idea of what has the city to offer you and, with that, you are going to distribute smartly the time you spend here.

Quick Data

Average lenght: 136 min.
Average price: 56€.
Best hour: 10am
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We know it, you have read the other’s tours description and now you can’t choose one. Keep calm, you aren’t the first, and we actually know the answer to all your doubts: our Blue Tour.
As the intro says, this trip will give you a full idea about the key places in the city: you’ll discover quickly (in less than 3 hours) those places and, then, with all info available, you choose where to spend your stay among us. Moreover, we can give you hints about near towns and villages to improve your trip. In BiRick we love take care of people like, when we travel, we want to be taken care of.
Although the length of this tour goes over the two hours, our passenger’s feedback says that it doesn’t feel long because we enter in Azkuna Zentroa, stop in the stadium, in the Old Town…
Finally, this tour has an extra bonus, goes along Marzana’s dock which gives an awesome spot view of Ribera Market.

Of course! We have bikes & independence, which means that we can custom the tour to fit your own plan. Choose start, end, places to see…whatever!

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1 out 4 tours we make are, actually, custom, so be sure that we already know what we are doing. Usually, the main customization is to change the origin or the finish: the hotel, a restaurant, the station…but, as well, there is people who have all the trip planned and know exactly what he want to see.
With BiRick all the choices are open. Just tell us your idea, we’ll make it real.

Finally, we can take you from one point to another in the city in a sustainable and ecological way.

Quickly data

Average lenght: 14 min.
Average price: 7€+5€ (Supl).
Best hour: whatever.


Sure, we offer express trips in the city, however, this kind of services have a direct an negative impact to the project’s viability, that’s why they have the highest fare and we apply an empty back extra charge. So, if you are going to move in Bilbao, our main recommendation is the public transportation, where the tramway could be an ecologically-smart decision. Moreover, if you know that you are going to move in the city frequently, the suggestion is straightforward: rent a bike. With it you can go everywhere you go walking in half time and effort. We collaborate with Tourné Bilbao and we can provide you one if you want so.

Schedule & Pricing

Where & when find us
We perform our tours all the year round, however depending the season you can locate us by different ways:
  • High Season
  • Mid Season
  • Low season


Is the season that goes from June to September, both included. During this time you’ll find us at Guggenheim Museum next to Puppy, from 10am to 9pm non-stop. Of course we are available by phone and internet (mail, web, social media)

May & October

During the mid season, we are partially at Guggenheim, we decide it live depending the people, the weather…However, we’re available by the other ways, that is, by phone and internet (mail, web, social media). This season are the months of May & October


The rest of the year we develop the new ideas and improve the existing ones, that is, we generate value to our project. That’s why we are only by phone and internet, but with the same energies and enthusiasm.

Up to 1h Tours: 30€/h
Between 1-2h Tours: 28€/h
Over 2h Tours: 25€/h
  • Main info
  • How we cash
  • Extra charges
  • Offseason tours

Price by time

The prices are per BiRick and, as you see, they are calculated depending of the time and this is the reason that in the descriptions appear things like average times or average prices. That’s normal, our tours are so custom that there are ones who want to stop in every single place to take photos, ones who need to be fast (they have few time) or ones who, suddenly, fall in love with a place and then decide to end the tour.

Our app

As we have told you, every driver carries the app in his/her device, that calculates live the charge. We can tell you whenever you want so, the elapsed time, the price or the estimated end time, just ask us. At the end the app, also, discounts automatically the booking deposit (if any) and, if you want so, can send you a receipt to an email address.

Extra charge

Short trips have a direct and negative impact to the project’s viability, that’s why, we have to apply an extra charge, as empty displacement, to all the trips that start or end away from Guggenheim and are below one hour. 5€ per displacement (go/back) and bike.

Offseason bookings

During the low season, as we told you, we perform our tours. However, since this part of the year we are developing new ideas and improving the existing ones, all we ask is a minimum time book, one hour and a half: if we are going to stop the creative process, let it be for a good reason, like performing a Super-Tour in our beloved Bilbao

Meet the team

BiRick Team

33 David

“You’re from Bilbao and you haven’t realized yet because you, Bilbao citizens, born wherever you want” even I have been said when they know my origin in Madrid. With Bilbao I experienced a love at first sight 15 years ago. My passions are: sport, nature and, above all, treat people as I like to be treated.

BiRick Team

07 Chaves

Like David, my passions are: sports, nature and travelling. It’s a pleasure for me to show the city in a different way and, moreover, contribute to make the world more and more sustainable.

BiRick Team

02 Joseba

After a worldwide journey I have come back to show my hometown like nobody else. Travel-lover, and with a high knwoledge about Bilbao and its surroundings, I’m going to make you feel at home and enjoy every single place in the city.

And more coming soon…

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Why BiRick


In this last section, we would like tell you about the essence of our project, why doing such stuff.

Share our passion

When we travel we love meeting new people or being helped by the locals, that is, getting up our social spirit. In BiRick, we follow this way, we love Bilbao and we love sharing our feelings with the people coming and this situation gives an experience for both passenger & driver. Not just, don’t do to the others what you wouldn’t want done to you, but make to the others what you’d want done to you, like japanese people use to say.


Shout it loud

We have chosen bikes. We could have chosen another -and more business suitable- vehicles, but we did choose BiRicks. Why? Because with a bike we’re actually sending an important message:

“hey guys, we have a problem, and it’s time to start thinking about it”.

That is, everyday we see a lot of problems as an outcome of the energetic model we have, it’s time for everyone to give his best. That’s what we do in BiRick, boost this mental leap, because If I go out to the street and see that, there are bike lanes, the city council has set up a shared bike system, even if I see a freak with one bike-taxi, some day, I realized that I can, actually, take my old-and-rusted bike to go wherever I want in the city.

We have
an important


Personal Development

The visitors win, the city -and the planet- win, but what about the citizens, our neighbours? Ok, that’s the third point. Generating value for our project means opportunities to the people, mostly in summer, but a few for all the year (hopefully, increasing year after year). BiRick is a self-managed project and we believe that everybody has something special to offer and that is what we ask for: to take out and share with the world that unique value.

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