Eskerrik asko*

First of all, we –all the BiRick team– want to welcome you and thank you your interest about our little self-managed project.

*Eskerrik asko: In basque, thank you very much

We create sustainability

BiRick’s soul, that underlies all we make, is the sustainability. With it we improve the city we live –as long as the planet– and raise people’s awareness as well

Our project's 3 main branches

BiRick EcoFun Tours

Our EcoFun Tours give a new sense to the expression, discover a city. In them, both driver & passenger, interact each together and that lets’em share the experience. And, above of all, in an ecological way.

BiRick EcoSolutions

In the most useful part of BiRick, we focus on deliveries and sustainable logistics in the city and, coming soon, the metro area.

BiRick EcoEvents

They fit to your business size, as long as our planet one, those are the special events which we perform in BiRick where our most creative side takes control.

BiRick in action

A picture is worth...

Our nice vehicles look great in photos and with them –and a bit of wit– we can perform the most amazing things ever.

The Team

Permanent Staff

Although along the year we can be up to 12 people in the team, the permanent members –right for now– in this stuff are just us:

David Reguera

Tours & events Coordinator

Sergio Larredonda

Logistics Coordinator

Support & Co-working

Without them, impossible

We ride, think, make…but without them this project wouldn’t be the same

If you travel alone, you’ll arrive sooner, however if you travel with someone you’ll arrive further

Logo Bibe Bike

BiBe Bilbao

BiBe guys share our same passion for bikes and not only they sponsor us the equipment but we actually co-work together in events as well.

Logo Tourne Bilbao

Tourne Bilbao

Why compete when you can co-work?
With Tournee also share the passion for bikes and, in fact, we both support that the more the better.

Made by ner

Ner group

Eskerrik asko, Ner Group!

If BiRick today is a reality, is mostly thanks to the support of several projects inside Ner Group which day after day, year after year keep trusting us like the first day and from whom we have learned a lot of things.

Cultural Change

We fully share that bet for the cultural change which Ner Group represents in order to get a Just and Sustainable Human Development.

Self-managed teams

In our self-managed team we feature the transparency, ethic and communication, but above all, confidence and solidarity, which are key to produce that cultural change.

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