New features 2017

During winter we shut ourselves into the think tank, to develop and improve our project to give you the best experience ever.

News & improvements for this season

BiRick OnBoard Guide
Status 100%: ready

This year we have our on board guide available for all of our tours.

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Status, 40%: in process.

Dress up for the photo we’ll take you as a souvenir

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BiRick On The Road
Status, 80%: final details.

Experience the silence.
We’ll show you near villages keeping the BiRick spirit.

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BiRick Summer Nights
Satus, 100%: ready.

This season, the nocturnal relaxing rides around come to BiRick.

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BiRick On Oboard Guide

BiRick On Board Guide is the guide that we have created to enhance the experience on our tricycles

If we were wanted to describe Bilbao with single words, change would be ranked very high in the list. Bilbao was very industrial place but, today, we can’t see how it was. Practically since the beginning, we used to show pictures on our mobile devices to let passengers feel the weight of the industry. And, suddenly, one day we wondered: what about if we create an album with all the pictures we could find?


So, we started designing a beta of our idea and, over the season’s final stint, we were testing it: we were going in the tours explaining the history interleaved with the pictures we had in the guide. We had a positive feedback, so we decided to make the official one for the upcoming season. This official one includes: the pictures we had, some others we have found and some maps -made by BiRick- like the Old Town’s growth or the Bilbao area.

Ok, it's done


Our Photobook is a physical and fully customized souvenir of your experience in Bilbao

Today, everyone carries his/her own personal camera, and every single second thousands of photos are taken. There are so much pictures that very quickly they become old and are forgotten. But, we don’t want you to forget our beloved Bilbao and that’s the origin of our photobook.

There’re two parts: 1) an small collection with the featured images of Bilbao plus one quick guide of Bilbao’s musts; 2) The starred element will be the photo we are going to take you with a polaroid® which we’ll stick into your album. So, dress you up, because you won’t be able to photoshop that picture.

BiRick On The Road

Have you ever experience the silence of an electric car?
Now, you’ll have the opportunity thanks to BiRick

No, it isn’t just enough for us to raise awareness in Bilbao, we want to go further more, carry the so called BiRick Spirit everywhere. That’s why we have contacted Gaursa to ask them for support to this project and they were charmed with the idea.
These are the destinations we have for this year:

Destinations 2017

Bakio & San Juan De Gaztelugatxe

  • Description
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Bakio is a coastal village in Bizkaia and one of the cradles of the Basque Surf. For many years was the summer place for Bilbao’s citizens which made it grow very quickly. This journey will take us to discover the awarded local wine, the so called Txakoli, and one of the most amazing natural environments in the Basque Country: San Juan de Gatzelugatxe.
These are the places we are going to visit:
The Txakoli museum: here we can learn the history and the elaboration process of this local wine.
San Juan de Gaztelugatxe’s chapel: the images are just enough to want to go there, this is a must see in the Basque Country.
Activity lenght: ~4h.
Starting hour: flex depart between 9am and 11am.
Price: 140€.

Gernika & Urdaibai

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Right at Urdaibai’s heart, Gernika is located, a beautiful village where you can fully immerse in the deepest basque culture (euskaldun). It was brutally blitzed during the civil war so was painted by Picasso in his famous picture: Guernica. In the village there are many interesting points, like the Peace Museum, La Casa de Juntas with its famous oak, the Jai Alai…summing it up, a complete cultural experience.
These are the places we are going to visit:
Peace museum: This interactive museum takes us back to april 26th 1937, the blitz day, where we can relive the tragedy.
Casa de Juntas: Here we’ll see one of the icons of the Basque People: Gernika’s Tree, the oak that appears in the Biscay shield.
Urdaibai: The go back will be along Urdaibai nature reserve heading to Bermeo and then, to Bilbao
Activity lenght: ~5h.
Starting hour: flex depart between 9am and 10am.
Price: 160€.
Museum ticket not included (5€/pax).

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To enhance the experience, all the trips include an hamaiketako* in a local place.

is an small lunch in the mid morning (11am)


We need a few margin, around 4 days, to arrange everything for a perfect trip, so call us, please, in advance.


The car allows five people (four plus le driver). However 3-passenger groups will find the best relation comfort/price.

Vehicle & Books

The E-car

Gaursa people are really intersted in the idea and, since the beginning, has been supporting the project providing us two awesome vehicles that are going to assure us the silence.

Book your BiRick On The Road

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BiRick Summer Nights

Give up to the relaxing ambiance we are going to offer you with our night rides around

Almost since the beginning, we have been asked for night services, even, we know these services are very requested in other cities. So, this season, we start our BiRick Summer Nights.
Get in and relax with your partner, city lights await out there.

Main Features

Ambient music

The perfect ambiance always start with easy music, so let’s play it.

Sparkling wine

The perfect partner for the perfect night, white wine in ice.


River chill could be a bit insidious, we do know it, so we are prepared.

Info & bookings

The track

BiRick Summer Nights

Additional data:

Aproximate lenght: ~1h
Starting hour: 22h – 22h30′
Starting Point: Teatro Arriaga
End: your choice, the hotel, a restaurant…
Price: 45€

Book your BiRick Summer Night

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